About Me

I’m Catherine, and I currently live with my puppy (Bunny) in Texas, where I study drawing & painting. When I’m not working on school projects, I’m probably designing websites or reading. Sometimes I dabble in photography and sewing, because I have a habit of biting off more art projects than I can chew. Sailor Moon is my hero — give me a cranberry vodka (or three) and I’ll tell you everything about anime and feminism. I also have an identical twin sister.

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Contact me at: catherine@seecreatures.com

About See Creatures

In 2001, I began a blog titled Sensitivity, and have since been blogging ceaselessly on a fairly weekly basis. See Creatures is the latest incarnation of that blog, and it serves dually as my art and design portfolio.

See Creatures is a venture in photography, travel, and art, as much as it is in fashion and beauty. More than anything, though, it is a personal project to catalogue my interests, hobbies, and experiences.