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Etsy Favorites

A selection of some of my recent favorite shops & items on Etsy: Row 1: Loose Knit Sweater // Crimson Galaxy Skirt // Industrial Cage Light Row 2: Antique German Bisque Doll Planter // Ceramic cup // Bear tooth ring …

Inspirational Links

Wit & Whistle has an easy-to-follow DIY Chalkboard Mug tutorial up at their site. What a cute idea – I’m sure these would make inexpensive yet amazing gifts.

H_alive on Flickr

It’s fairly rare that I do this, but I came across H_alive‘s photostream on Flickr and could not resist sharing it. The slight noise in these film photographs lends beautifully to the masterfully-captured nostalgia and sensuality. With so many details …

Summer Inspiration

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The Red Shoes: Victoria Page (Moira Shearer)

Over this past weekend, I had the pleasure of watching The Red Shoes (1948) on Netflix Streaming. Victoria Page (played by Moira Shearer), is a socialite-ballerina chosen by famed director Lermontov to play the lead role in a ballet adaptation …