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In Retrospect, 2013

2013 was a milestone year for me. I graduated from my university with honors and recognition, secured a full-time job, participated in a few art exhibitions, traveled to a new place that felt like home (Portland), took multiple trips to …


I’m only three weeks into the semester and I’ve already pulled three all-nighters this week. Needless to say, I slept for a solid twelve hours straight. I’ve barely had enough time to eat and sleep, much less update my blog, …

Instagram Post

Some of my latest Instagram shots! I’ve probably said this before (in my last instagram post), but I’m quite addicted to this app; in fact, I think it’s made me quite a lazy picture-taker lately! If you’re addicted too, find …

Inspirational Links

Wit & Whistle has an easy-to-follow DIY Chalkboard Mug tutorial up at their site. What a cute idea – I’m sure these would make inexpensive yet amazing gifts.

White Christmas

All of my grandiose plans of posting daily as soon as school ended were shattered when I came down with a cold and fever on my first day of vacation. At least I got around to (mostly) finishing my Christmas …